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Dec 16

It's likely that you are new to purchasing a diamond or engagement rings houston, so it can be confusing for those who are looking for diamond jewelry. These are some helpful tips to help you select the right diamond.

1. Carefully make a compromise

Diamonds can be expensive. Diamonds are more costly than most first-time buyers realize. Make sure you review your financial situation before buying a diamond. To determine how much you can afford, take a look at the prices. However, you don't have to compromise on quality if you want a low-priced diamond. There aren’t many good deals on diamonds. There are fair deals, but diamonds can be more expensive than others. A diamond with a lower carat weight will be more valuable than a diamond of a similar weight. You can still have the diamond you desire if you're willing to sacrifice quality.

2. Look at other options before you buy a mined diamond

There are many options for mining diamonds that can be used to make great engagement rings. Lab-made diamonds have become increasingly popular. These diamonds can be as beautiful and long-lasting as mined diamonds, but they are 30% cheaper.

Diamonds are the most popular engagement rings. However, colored gemstones can also be worn daily and can be beautiful all by themselves. The most popular ring stones are diamond, sapphire, and ruby. However, gems like morganite and aquamarine are also very popular.

3. Quality is the most important thing when buying a diamond

A diamond should be accompanied by a grading report. The report must be provided by a reliable laboratory. You will find many details in the report. The best way to judge a stone's cut and quality is to look at the four Cs. While you will still need to inspect the diamond, these grades will give an indication of its quality. A well-cut diamond will have fewer color and clarity imperfections. A well-cut diamond will be brighter than its carat. High standards should be set when you go diamond shopping.

4. Diamonds can come in many forms

Although most people prefer to use round diamonds, there are many other shapes that can be used. Certain shapes will be more popular than others. These shapes are also less expensive than round diamonds.

These shapes are often larger than round ones of the same weight. These non-round shapes have a diagonal or elongated shape which makes them seem larger.

The square princess cut ranks second after the round. If you are interested in a shape other than the round, our shape-specific guides can help.

5. Carats have a greater impact on price than appearance

Carat weight can have an important impact on diamond pricing. This is because diamond prices per-carat rise at certain benchmark sizes or "magic numbers", such as 0.50cts and 1.50cts.

Prices rise exponentially as the carat weight of diamonds goes up. The diamond's face area does not grow in the same way. Half-carats of diamonds have a greater face area than one-carat. Lower carat weight can have an impact on the price more than its appearance.

6. Keep Clarity and Color Simple

Both clarity and color have grading systems. These properties can be referred to as "good" and/or "not good". The diamond's color will depend on whether it appears colorless or not. It is how clear the diamond appears to the eye. It is not worth spending more money on D-colored diamonds if you can't tell the difference between D and H. The majority of SI1 diamonds will appear flawless.

7. Do your research before buying a diamond

Research is always a good thing. You can be confident that the diamond you purchase will look beautiful and you won't have to pay too much for poor quality. The quality of diamonds can be affected by many factors.

8. Always, Always, Before you Buy

A diamond should look great for first-time buyers. If you don't see the diamond perform, it is impossible to tell if it is worth buying. It is important to find out where your diamond was bought. The jeweler should be able to show you the diamond in its intended setting, from different angles.