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Erotic Boudoir, CA | What is Erotic Boudoir?

Dec 30

Red Sash Photography: The Best Erotic Boudoir Photographer in Los Angeles

What is erotic boudoir? This is a question that many couples and women may be asking themselves as they consider a professionally produced sex video from one of the best boudoir videographers around. The answer, quite simply, is that erotic boudoir is all about celebrating your sexuality and femininity. It's a chance to let go of your inhibitions, explore your desires, and feel downright sexy! If you're thinking about creating an erotic boudoir video or photoshoot, give us a call at Red Sash Photography to help you on your journey.

What is the difference between erotic boudoir and normal boudoir?

Boudoir photography can come in a few different forms. Traditional boudoir is focused on beauty with elements of empowerment and confidence, and erotic boudoir tends to go even further creating sensual gifts perfect for any occasion!

Erotic photography is where you'll find these ideas but it gets taken one step further by incorporating more sexual content for an even more memorable lifetime memory.

Why should I choose an erotic boudoir photo or video shoot?

With all the Fifty Shades of Grey influence, there seems to be a strong desire from certain clients who want their session to include more photos of an erotic nature.

In the last few years, I've made a conscious effort to raise awareness of erotic boudoir shots. These shoots can be much more fun for my clients than they could've imagined!

That said: you'll see more nudity and sexuality in these images than before; they're intended as an exciting addition for couples looking forward to their wedding day, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or anyone who wants these memories captured on camera.

Erotic boudoir for her, them, and your friends

When it comes to female sexuality, the boudoir photography session has long been a staple. Women have sought out this type of artistic expression for centuries and in more recent years couples are wanting their own versions with spicier elements added into them as well!

Over time though so too did BFF (best friends forever) and couple sessions grow exponentially popular. We have clients fly across the United States to have their couples boudoir or erotic boudoir session filmed and photographed by us.

Intimacy and physical contact is a great way to spice up your love life. Couples boudoir sessions provide the opportunity for both partners in a relationship, or newlyweds looking forward with excitement towards beginning their marriage journey together by exploring all that they can get out of this special time spent alone celebrating themselves as individuals without any distractions - just pure raw emotions!

Want your BFF to join you? We schedule those all the time. The actual photo session can be just you alone or your friend participating in a few moments. You are both encouraged to express yourselves however you would like if you're looking to capture the intimacy and physical contact. Some of my BFF boudoir sessions are for the shared experience where each woman enjoys celebrating this milestone with a close friend.

Is an erotic boudoir session right for me or us?

Wondering how it feels when your intimate with a partner or yourself? Do you want to spice up the relationship & step outside of the box? Maybe just embrace your sexuality, show off what incredible things you can do sexually, and become more creative! We tend to lose this creativity as we get stuck in our lives monotony - an erotic boudoir session could be just the spark you've been missing to awaken and celebrate your sexuality to a whole new level.

If you are reading this, you're looking for a photographer to capture your most intimate moments, right?

Red Sash Photography is the best erotic photography provider in Los Angeles. We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy, no matter her size or shape. Our photographers are professional, experienced, and passionate about what they do. They will make sure that you have an amazing experience while creating images of your body that celebrate who you are!

You deserve the highest quality photos of yourself so that you can look back on them with pride for years to come! Let us help you create memories of this special time in your life by capturing these intimate moments through our lens. We want nothing more than for women everywhere to feel confident and empowered by their bodies! That’s why we offer all kinds of photoshoots including boudoir sessions, nude modeling shoots, pinup style photosets, etc., as well as personalized coaching services if desired. All packages include high-resolution digital files delivered securely and password protected within 2 weeks after your shoot date.

Let's get started today! Call us now at (805) 405-0900 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments about our work together - we'd love to hear from you!