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How to transport audio equipment

May 28

The audiovisual equipment that is used for professional purposes is very costly. Damages that can be caused by something like negligence while traveling are unacceptable. You need to buy an equipment protection case and you should consider that purchase as one of your most important pieces of investment for the protection of equipment. In this article, we will discuss how to transport audio equipment safely without damaging them in transit. Transportation of audio equipment gear, especially if it is something as expensive as DJ gear can be a very complex case. But it is also important to know the hacks because those who are associated with the profession of a DJ need to travel very frequently.

You need to securely pack your gear

When DJs go to different places to perform they need to travel with their sound equipment and for the safety of the audio equipment, the audio equipment that DJs use for their gigs is very fragile and if there is damage the quality of sound could be reduced. The risks increase tenfold when the travel is by air. You need to pack the sound equipment in a very good quality case as the checked luggage section could not be accessed by you when you boarded the plane. You can find several good-quality flight cases for carrying audio equipment in both online and offline stores. Besides, you also need to be very careful while choosing the flight cases for sound equipment because different audio equipment needs different cases for an enhanced level of protection. 

Here is a guide for packing different audio equipment

●    DJ Speakers: Of all the audio equipment that is traveled with, the DJ Speakers are the most delicate. While traveling ensure that the DJ speakers are placed in an upright position or if not possible, at least, make sure that they are placed face-up. Proper positioning ensures that the electrical parts of DJ Speakers are not damaged.

●    DJ Headphones: The DJ headphones are small in size and this leads to the conception that they could be carried very easily. But the damage to the headphones cannot be ruled out if you are negligent while packing the headphones, you should use two cases, one for packing the headsets and the other one for securely packing the wires of the headset. 

It is also a good measure to pack the headphones, speakers, and wires in bubble wrappers to ensure that the audio equipment gear is safely packed.