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The Ultimate Party Rental Equipment Guide Every Celebrity Has At Their Party

Aug 24

Party Rental Equipment Every Celebrity Has At Their Party

We love celebrity parties! They're so exciting, glamorous, and beautiful--it'll be like walking into another world with everything you imagine. We always want to be on top of the latest in celebrity culture, and we're so excited about attending more events in the future!

That's why you need to hire a professional. We can point you in the direction of some excellent party rental companies!

Photo Booths

Photos are a meaningful way of preserving memorable moments with friends. Some photo booths come equipped with hundreds of different props that make photos more fun and increase the chances you'll remember these special moments in years to come.

Instaphotoboothrental is the best photo booth service you’ll receive for 13 reasons:  You will never have any delays or problems with your orders, celebrities all over Los Angeles will choose our company, filters can be added to spice up your pictures,  and much more! Also, we have green screens and props, which make events more memorable. Our facilities make every party stand out so it'll never be forgotten.

Party Decorations- Blingy Lights, String Lights, and Neon Lights

String and neon lighting are becoming more popular for events like celebrity birthday parties. They make great additions to photo booth events, especially sweet 16 celebrations!

Every corporate event needs someone who can keep their audience interested, even if they're not the most easily persuaded. Qualified speakers don't shy away from a challenge. When hiring a camera and sound team, the quality of their equipment should be one of your key considerations. Investing in high-quality gear will make a big difference to your audience, and they'll appreciate it.

Let me tell you a secret: The best speakers are essential at an event. Whether you're celebrating something or just meeting up with friends, the right speaker will make everyone feel more excited and invested in whatever the occasion is! Setting up your sound system can be tricky, but if you don't go through the proper process, you may not get the whole experience when listening to music.

There is a ton of color left on the tree, and people are always looking for ways to use that excess. If you choose to hang garlands, they'll last 2-3 seasons, adding color and festive vibes to your event.


Garland and Beyond can provide a variety of decorations for your special event, including weddings and birthdays.

Tablewares, Platewares

People may go the rental route for big parties, and many reasons exist. Not only is it better financially, but there are also more options when you use rentals. That way, you'll find the perfect combination for your party!

Serving refreshments at an event can be time-consuming, so ensure you get adequate plates, glasses, and tableware.

Party Toys and Games

Sometimes, games are involved at social gatherings. However, some games can't be played without specific equipment of a particular type.

Everyone has a good time when celebrities use party toys at their parties. Just look at our GIF; drink games are cool too!


Costumes are a great way to ensure that no one gets too depressed at any party and can get into the party's theme. There's something for everyone, from animal costumes for those who want to dive into the theme to formal wear that can be worn again outside the party.

We have a vast selection of costumes for your choosing. We can help you find the perfect outfit, from wedding costumes to school plays.


The party element is key to making your guests have a great time. What better way to do this than by ensuring they are well entertained? One of the ways you can be sure that they have an experience they will cherish is through owning a quality, reliable party equipment.


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