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What Should I Bring to a Maternity Photo Session?

Sep 29

A maternity shoot can be a great way to commemorate and celebrate your pregnancy with close friends and family. There are many options for creative or traditional ideas, from personal home visits and photos to beautiful nature shoots. A maternity shoot can be a great way to commemorate your first or fourth child.

Preparing for a maternity photography is like any other photo shoot. Choosing the right maternity photographer, determining poses and themes, and remembering what you need to bring can be challenging. Taking your entire wardrobe or your baby's nursery with you to the studio is unnecessary. But there are some things you should have.

A Few More Changes in Clothes

Changing things up several times during your shoot is possible, so bring some of your favorite outfits. To avoid unsightly marks, bring loose, flowing clothes to show off your baby's belly during the shoot.

Well-maintained hands

Your hands play an essential role in your maternity photos. They will be holding props or resting on your belly, so ensure they are in good shape. A manicure and makeup can be a great option before your maternity shoot. You can go as subtle as you like or as bold as you wish, depending on the mood of your shoot.


It is essential to have options when it comes to maternity shoots. Even if you don't think you will use them initially, you should bring some props. You can use cute blocks, baby shoes or even a large bassinet. Although your photographer might have some props available, it is always better to bring your personal touches to your shoot.

A lot of confidence

Your maternity shoot will be more fun if you bring lots of self-confidence and your clothes and hairstyles. You will be able to show off your beauty and radiate confidence throughout the shoot. You will be able to see your happiness and self-satisfaction in the photos you take. This will make them even more beautiful.

Your Family

Your maternity shoot can be made a family affair! Even if you plan to take most of your photos alone, it's still fun to include your children in some adorable photos. If you and your husband are new parents, sharing a few intimate, baby bump-featured photographs will be an excellent way to share your joy. Contact with Alyssa Orrego Photography to take your maternity photoshoot.