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Amazing portrait photography

Oct 17

Amazing portrait photography (or at least the best that sticks with you) always tells stories. When I started photographing, my goal wasn't to just learn how to take the best photos but to actually understand the Technique. Photoshop and other programs make this process easy. However, the best photographers can be distinguished from the average ones. The Great Ones master the art of shooting in-camera using the right equipment, knowledge, and preparation. Only minimal post-processing will be required.

Many people are unaware of the hard work that goes into getting the perfect shot. It is crucial to prepare for the shoot, plan the locations and select the right gear. Then, it is important to teach clients how to understand that this is not just a photo session. My clients are more likely to feel connected to their photos if this is done effectively and if they are willing to put in the effort.

Pure Touch Photography can help you capture beautiful images. But, it is not enough to just take the photos. I expect my clients to work hard as well. My role is to guide, teach, educate and prepare. Then, we can work together and produce stunning results.

Here's an excellent article about how a photographer planned and executed a shot that won him an award. Enjoy:

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