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Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Sep 1

If you're hiring a wedding DJ, then you definitely need to do your homework to be able to hire the best DJ for your wedding. We've created a list of the top 10 questions to ask your wedding DJ, so that you pick the best disc jockey for your special day! We also provide good answers for these questions, so that you know what your DJ should answer (their answer should be similar). Let's get to the questions, now. 


Top 10 Wedding DJ Questions


  1. What is the DJ's experience with weddings? Your DJ should have plenty of experience with weddings, and not just general DJ experience. Weddings are far different than bars and clubs, or any other party in general, really. Make sure your DJ has done at least 10 weddings. You don't want a DJ who has minimal experience DJing your wedding!  
  2. Do you have current references? So if possible, ask for references from previous clients. If the DJ is unable to provide references, then be sure to check their reviews. If they have some experience, they should have some reviews to show it. 
  3. What is the DJ's experience in your venue? Ideally, your DJ has experience at your venue. This will make things much easier if he/she does! They'll be familiar with the layout and know exactly what they need to do to make sure everything looks and sounds great! It's not a must, but it definitely is a plus. 
  4. How will the DJ be dressed? We hate to have to add this question, but you'd be surprised at how some wedding vendors dress for WEDDINGS! Be sure to let the DJ know what your attire expectations are. 
  5. What style of music does your wedding DJ play? So wedding DJs should be well versed in a variety of music genres. Some DJs specialize in certain genres, so be sure to ask how comfortable your DJ is with the music you want at your event. 
  6. Will your wedding Dj help you choose songs? So choosing songs for your wedding can seem like a daunting task. This is because you will have a variety of guests who can range from as young as 2, to as old as 92! Everyone likes different music, so be sure to ask how the DJ can help you choose the best music for your big day!
  7. Will you MC? Believe it or not, not all DJs MC. It's strange, but some DJs will not talk on the mic. We're not 100% sure why, but this does happen quite often. Find out if your DJ will MC, or if you'll have to hire an MC or designate someone to MC the wedding. We often wonder if this is just another way for DJ companies to make you pay more (by having to hire an MC from the company, too). 
  8. What are the DJ's prices? This is a tricky question because there is not a standard fee in the business. Every DJ/company charges different rates. The national average is about $1200 for 4 hours of wedding DJ services. Prices may vary depending on your area. Be sure to ask what is included with the price. 
  9. Do you provide lighting? Some DJs include lighting, others may not. You have to specifically ask. Never make assumptions when it comes to what may be included with your DJ package. We've seen many DJ companies who do not include lighting and charge extra for it. 
  10. Why should you choose this DJ company over other competitors? A great DJ should be able to tell you exactly why they are the best choice. Find out what makes them different and better! They should not refer to their DJ equipment, by the way. They're not selling equipment. :) 

These are the top 10 DJ questions. There are plenty more, of course, but we feel these are the most important questions. Special thanks to Jason Alexander Rubio, of Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths.

Jason is the owner/founder of Austin's Best DJs. They are one of the top wedding DJ companies in Texas! Jason helped us with these great questions. They have a more extensive list of questions on their site. If you're looking for great Austin Wedding DJs, contact them! If you're in the Austin area, stop by their office (info below).