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The step to plan a wedding in Geneva

Oct 25

1. Find a wedding planner

Wondering how to plan a wedding? You're not alone. It's one of the most important days in someone else’s life, and it can be stressful too! Make sure that everything goes smoothly by hiring an experienced professional for their big day-the person who knows what he/she is doing at all times -a Wedding Planner. Your friends are there with you every step along this journey; make them proud by ensuring your special event won't disappoint or cause any unwanted drama beforehand.

Our company is a wedding planning agency in Geneva. We specialize in making your special day as perfect and stress-free for you as possible so it's the best memory for both of us!

2. Decide on the budget for your wedding

You should start by deciding how much you can comfortably spend on your wedding. There are many different factors that go into this, including whether or not it's cash-only and if there will be an open bar for guests at night as well as the number of people who'll attend in general (i..e., venue size). Once those things have been taken care off then think about what type event it is—a smaller one with just family/close friends may only need 150 guests versus something more formal where 600 could fit nicely! Deciding early saves time when planning because all these decisions don't change later down the line.

3. Choose your venue and reception site

Make your dream day a reality by choosing where to have it. The perfect location should reflect who you are and what will be most memorable about the event, so keep this in mind when considering sites for venue selection as well as reception site selections - do they align with what's important?
This usually starts off at one’s initial discussion on whether or not he/she wants an outdoor ceremony followed up quickly enough thereafter because weather conditions greatly affect both final decisions made during these steps! If rain is predicted, then look elsewhere; likewise, if snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon either way get ready since transportation can become quite difficult otherwise after all--and no fun whatsoever trying to drive home.

4. Figure out the timing of events, including when to have food served, where to seat people for dinner, etc. 

The food and drink distributor has the most important task in organizing a successful dinner: figuring out when to seat people, how much of each dish they'll need for an appetizer or dessert course (this could be as simple as knowing what size plate you want all participants at your event using), where best placed within their venue so no one gets lost during this complicated process.

The success rate is only about 50% if there isn't careful planning leading up until it begins including who will dole out drinks/appetizers etc., right?

Wedding Planner in Geneva

5. Create a guest list based on what you can afford and how many guests you want at each event (i.e., cocktail party vs sit-down dinner) 

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how many people you need for an event. With the cost of catering, flowers, and alcohol being so high these days it can be difficult deciding on what size your guest list should be- especially if there will only ever be one type of meal offered on each occasion!

Make this easier by basing off not just budget but also desired ambiance/reception style as well - cocktail party versus sit-down dinner? If it's going where everyone is eating then larger numbers may apply; however, if cocktails are less formal than dinners that would require more intimate settings with fewer guests

6. Consult with your wedding planner about all decisions so they are sure to get everything done in time - don't forget things like flowers!

Flowers are a great way to add some color and life to your wedding. They also have the power to bring together two people who may not always get along so well - just what you want at such an important time!

For weddings everywhere from big celebrations with 50 guests all the way downsize affairs catering only for immediate family, there's nothing more elegant than flowers in their most pristine form: fresh-cut bouquets or flower arrangements adorning tables throughout the venue that will be visited by many different types of individuals on any given day; couples finding themselves face-to-face again after years apart thanks once again being able to find common ground where they felt alone before...

Make a plan to work with your wedding planner and get things done in time. Consider flowers, too!

Consult with your wedding planner about all decisions so they can get everything done in time.

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